Marston Court emergency housing solution.

The Marston Court emergency housing project, located in Ealing, London launched today to provide new space for people facing homelessness. The 34-unit scheme, created out of re-purposed shipping containers is designed to temporarily house families of up to six whilst they search for a more permanent home.

Under the current system, the council pays to house an individual or family in a hostel or bed and breakfast, which quickly becomes very expensive and is very often inconvenient for the affected. Using a regenerated brownfield site within the borough was a logical step in helping families retain familiarity in their lives without too much disruption.

According to latest statistics from the ONS, there are 53, 270 people facing homelessness in London, with 2293 residing in Ealing. Working in collaboration with QED Sustainable Urban Developments and Ealing Council, we have been able to provide a solution which will make help make £1m cost-savings to the tax payer, and assist in keeping families from being relocated far away from their families and jobs.

Take a look at the time lapse video of the project taking shape:

We landed three types of unit on the site; 1 bed studio, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments. Using 40ft containers, we partitioned them to maximise the space available and were able to comfortably build in a kitchen, bathroom and include traditional building services as you would find in your own home.

BBC London ran a live feature with Ross Gilbert, the Managing Director of QED - See here for a closer look inside the units:

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