Our favourite shipping container buildings.

As the popularity of shipping container buildings increases, designers and architects have been let loose to create some imaginative buildings. We've complied a list of our favourites below;

Grand Designs shipping container house

One of the most famous container houses located in the UK, this building was made from four shipping containers with the first floor cantilevered over a stream. The total cost of the project was just over £130,000, which included a £16,000 bath tub. The owner/architect was able to make his vision come to reality by situating his building on his farm in his chosen location. The project was initially featured on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs'.

PV14 container home

The PV14 container house is one of the largest home-builds we have seen, and a prime example of what happens when an owner/architect is let loose on the design and build of a project. Covering a floor space of around 343 square meters, there are 3 bedrooms, a large roof deck with a stunning panoramic view, opening plan kitchen/living area and an outdoor swimming pool.

Manifesto House - recycled pallet container house

This two-story container house in Chile is built with a remarkable 85% recycled materials. The exterior of the building is clad with used wooden pallets which works in conjunction with the internal insulation and keeps the temperature regulated in warm and cold months, and helps to eliminate condensation.

Re:Start Container Mall

The Re:Start scheme is testament to the deployment of shipping containers for emergency use. After the 2011 earthquake devastated the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, a temporary solution was sought to get the city back on its feet. Six years later 70% of the CBD’s buildings still need to be demolished and rebuilt, presenting the perfect opportunity for sustainable building methods.

The Box Office

The Box Office is a simple yet impressive piece of commercial architecture, built out of 37 recycling shipping containers. The inside has been re-purposed into 12 office/studio spaces and is currently one of the largest commercial container buildings in the USA. Continuing the sustainability theme, the building is powered using ground source heat pumps and used energy recovery ventilators to conserve energy.

Have you seen any you like the look of? Comment or share your suggestions.







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